Vinehealth Australia is undertaking a number of important and exciting projects. The outcomes of these projects are expected to have some the following major benefits:

  • improvement in understanding where phylloxera is and is not – supporting identification and verification of Area Freedom status
  • development and endorsement of an additional primary surveillance method for phylloxera that is accurate, sensitive and cost-effective, utilising the latest scientific detection methods
  • production of a holistic biosecurity system through the extension of our current vineyard register to become more innovative, responsive and provide greater returns for all users
  • enhanced industry understanding of the potential that new technology may play in a grower’s farm-gate hygiene toolkit in the protection of vineyards from pests, diseases and weeds
  • improve our understanding of rootstock performance and to assist growers in choosing rootstocks

We acknowledge the support of regional grower groups and many individual growers who continue to support and play a key role in the conduct of these projects.