An accurate Vineyard Register is essential for Vinehealth Australia’s effective management of an outbreak of phylloxera or any other exotic pests or diseases.

In order to maintain currency of records held in Vinehealth Australia’s Vineyard Register, growers have the option of maintaining records using our online Grape Industry Kiosk, that can be accessed through the Member Login button on the home page.

The register can be updated at any time for grapegrowers and vineyard owners to comply with phylloxera and grape disease control obligations and manage their own vineyard records. It contains electronic versions of individual vineyard maps, as well as details of plantings, varieties, hectares, rootstocks, locations and ownership.

Kiosk Guide

Guide to the online Grape Industry Kiosk gives instructions on how to use the kiosk; and within a grower record, there are 3 online video tutorials to assist you with your Vineyard Record/s review. All information entered into each vineyard record will now be archived, with that information becoming valuable over time.

Feedback is welcome to enhance the Kiosk.