What is the vineyard register?

Vinehealth Australia is required under the Phylloxera and Grape Industry Act (1995) to maintain a complete and accurate register of grapegrowers in the state of South Australia. All vineyard owners with more than 0.5 hectares are required by law to register with Vinehealth Australia and to complete an accurate vineyard return each year, giving details of all their plantings. This information is kept strictly confidential.

As a grower, how do I maintain my Vineyard Register records?

Growers can maintain their records either online using the Grape Industry Kiosk, or over the phone, or in hard copy.

Why do vineyards have to be registered?

A person/organisation who purchases or establishes a vineyard comprising 0.5 hectares or more of planted vines, or increases, decreases or changes the variety of the area planted, is required by law to provide Vinehealth Australia with a return containing the details for the vineyard plantings to be entered into the Register. A maximum fine of $1,000 or three month’s imprisonment, applies for non-compliance with this requirement.

By being registered, growers are kept informed about phylloxera and other pests and diseases, and how to protect their vineyard.

An accurate vineyard register also means that in the event of a phylloxera outbreak, Vinehealth Australia could very quickly contact all growers in or near the quarantine zone. It also enables Vinehealth Australia to produce complete, up-to-date statistical information on vineyard plantings – including new plantings, changes in varieties, etc. this information is vital for future planning for the industry and the state.

What is the levy?

Growers fund Vinehealth Australia’s activities through contributions payable on a per hectare basis “the phylloxera levy”. The contribution is currently $9.50 per hectare with a minimum of $50.

Contributions are levied and collected or recovered by the Commissioner of Land Tax on behalf of Vinehealth Australia, as if the contribution were land tax, and is subject to the same penalties for delay or default in payment.

Liability for contribution

Contributions payable under the Phylloxera and Grape Industry Act (1995) are collected in arrears. The liability for any payment rests with the registered owner of the property at the 30th April of each year. Contributions are calculated on the basis of the area of vines registered, as per the most recent vineyard return received by Vinehealth Australia.

What do I do when I sell/transfer ownership of my vineyard?

All vineyards in South Australia are subject to a Section 7 notice as per the Land Services Group (LSG) Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure – Property Interest Report (PIR)

For the property to be transferred to the NEW owners, your Conveyancer is required to complete a Change of Ownership form and a Settlement Payment Advice form, based on the settlement date of the property, and pay any outstanding monies to the Board.

Please contact Vinehealth Australia if you require more information.