Tour Down Under

Date: Sunday, January 19, 2014

Venue: Regional South Australia

19-26 January 2014

The TDU will heighten the number of tourists within your region and there will be a potential that a large crowd of people will watch the race adjacent or near your vineyard. It is important to be vigilant to ensure that unauthorized people do not enter your vineyard.

Some simple protocols can be put in place on the day to ensure your vineyard is not entered by tourists, these are:

  • Phylloxera signage – phylloxera signs can be printed from the PGIBSA website. If you have a large boundary it may be more economical to print out a number of these signs specifically for the day the TDU goes past;
  • Creating a barrier between your vineyard and the road, either temporary in the form of some type of bunting or a permanent structure such as a fence or hedge (this may be a longer term option for future years); and
  • Having a human presence on the day to ensure people are not parking or entering your vineyard.

The PGIBSA and your local viticultural technical group believe that the adoption of these simple protocols will help keep South Australia Phylloxera free.

If you require any further information, please contact the Board.