Reporting an incident is an integral component of Vinehealth Australia’s risk assessment processes. Vinehealth Australia’s capability to assess risks is a requirement under the Phylloxera and Grape Industry Act (1995). Prompt reporting is the key to reducing the impact of an incursion of a pest or disease that could have a negative economic impact on the South Australian grape industry.

Vinehealth Australia welcomes reports from its stakeholders of any suspicious or unusual looking pests and disease symptoms or any behavior that could lead to a pest or disease establishing in South Australia. Please complete the Incident Report Form below.

Management of incident reporting: 

  • An assessment is undertaken and an investigation will be conducted.
  • Where there has been a breach of regulatory standards, State authorities will be informed.
  • Incidents will be reviewed by Vinehealth Australia’s Risk and Audit Committee, which will make recommendations to the Board.

Incident Report Form

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